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Waves SSL 4000 Collection 1.1 is a software virtual re-creation program of a collection of four sound control systems, the SSL E-Channel, the SSL G-Master Buss Compressor, the SSL G-Equalizer, and the SSL G-Channel, all based on the original SSL 4000 console series.

The SSL E-Channel console presented in the Waves SSL 4000 Collection 1.1 brings users the sound of the Solid State Logic 4000 series discrete design and Class A, VCA chip. Its equalization section is based on the Black Knob Equalizer of 1983 and features High and Low Pass filters and a four part parametric equalizer. The E-Channel’s Dynamics module features a soft-knee compressor/limiter and an expander/gate. Like the original it can be placed before or after the equalization section and has automatically applied make-up gain. The SSL G-Master Bus Compressor presented is based on the original of the SSL 4000 G console and captures the unique sound of the original’s IC input and twin VCA gain reduction amplifier design. Renowned for its ability to “glue together” tracks, this compressor is ideal for taming keyboards, or adding punch to drums and percussion.

The Waves SSL 4000 Collection 1.1 also includes the SSL G-Equalizer modeled on the G Series EQ 292 and this version includes a pre-boos dip and a pre-cut rise, as well as broader Q for extreme equalization. A four-band equalizer, the SSL G-Equalizer provides shape and character to sound and offers greater gain change than the E-Series EQ. Last in the collection is the new SSL G-Channel additional console, which provides users with the equalization and dynamic controls of G-Series consoles in one convenient tool. T G-Channel module presents the original hardware’s pre-boost dip, pre-cut rise and broad Q for extreme frequency manipulation. The G-Channel’s Dynamics section features soft-knee compression and limiting and for rock steady output levels features automatic make-up gain. The entire collection can be used as a stand alone or as four plug-ins supported by TDM, BTAS, Audio Suite, VST, AU PC host programs.

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